Wordless Wednesday


Georgia Blue Speedwell (I think) – found growing wild in the grass, so I pulled it up and planted it in a container.


One of the few flowers left on the scarlet runner beans.


yellow nasturtium taken from above.


cut flowers in my water feature. (includes jasmine, nasturtium, zinnia, Melissa and some unknown found along the paths of life.


delicate flowers of the Melissa (lemon balm)


Flowers of the oregano


nasturtium with ornamental grass. The nasturtium was starting to lean so a small bit of yarn is being employed to keep it standing upright in the window box.


Spring Growth


So with spring here I have focused on getting the deck cleaned up, and organized. The plants that I planted from seeds are coming up very well. I have noticed that maybe half the seeds germinated. And I am seeing a small flying gnat. When I researched it they are called fungus gnats. It seems that the larvae feed on roots and new shoots. So this would likely explain why I did not have a larger percentage of seeds germinate. I have picked up some poison to get rid of them. We will see if it works. Continue reading