Scarlet Runner Beans

My scarlet runner beans are looking pretty dismal. I have looked in many places on the web for insight on what may be going on. All of the pictures of these vines on the internet show a lot of leaves, looking green and lush. Mine is certainly not like that. There have been times I have has a lush bush of leaves, but then they seem to turn brown, dry up and fall. Continue reading

First Week of June in Pictures

Over the last week I have taken a few photos. I went to San Francisco to Fort Point, and the gun emplacements there. I also had a trip to Point Reyes and saw interesting old fences. I also have taken pictures of my deck, and created a live web cam of my bird bath.

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Early Spring on the Deck

In to out
View from the couch in the living room.

Today while I was looking out the deck window I saw a hummingbird buzzing in and out of the pine tree next to the building. It was flitting around and going in and out of the branches. It didn’t look like it was feeding on anything, but I suppose that is possible. I was not able to get a picture of it. Continue reading