Growing a Beet!

So I joined a contest to grow the largest beet. It was sponsored by My Small Town Garden, on Facebook. We were all sent seeds of the Mangel Beet. I planted mine at the end of November, and was rewarded with a seedling by December 9th.

Baby beet on December 9th 2013

Baby beet on December 9th 2013

My beet was not grown inside, but it was in a container, and we did have some cooler weather then I expected. In the last month it seemed to have taken off. Although it didn’t get very big. It is more like a radish.


2014-03-30 Just before being ‘harvested’


2014-03-30 Beet and greens, cleaned, and getting ready to at least measure.


2014-03-30 beet 3 inches x 1 inch, weight unknown

I was unable to weigh the cute little thing. My scale seems to be broken. And it didn’t weigh enough to register on my bathroom scale.

So the winner of this competition was the person that could grow the biggest, heaviest beet, one of 2 ways. Either outside or inside. I am not really sure I qualified for either, since although it was outside, it was in a container. I also didn’t fuss a lot about soil, fertilizer or anything. I did make sure it was in the sun, and got regular watering.


Wordless Wednesday

Some Pictures of the flowers of Carmel Mission Inn, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Taken end of December.

First “Frost”


Today, was the first time this season that the temperature went low enough to frost. Last night the low was 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The only thing I am showing on the deck to be effected is I have a thin crust of ice in my fountain.

I am not sure how many nights will get down low enough to damage any of the plants. I will be paying attention, but I have no plans to bring anything in, or cover them. Unless there is signs that they are being damaged.

Close up on the thin crust of ice.

Close up on the thin crust of ice.

I am surprised my ‘lucky bamboo’, which was in the water that has the ice, is showing no signs of any problems.


Luther Burbank Home & Gardens (Wordless Wednesday)

A story in pictures. This weekend I went on a trip to Luther Burbank’s Home and Gardens.

Enjoy Wordless Wednesday!


I took pictures of the labels and other information to help identify the pictures of the flowers that follow.