Tahoe Helitack


There is a group of people who get very little credit or acclaimed for much of the year. But in the summer, during fire season, people notice. They get news coverage, and spectacular pictures taken of them.

Well, many of these ladies and gentlemen live a very basic, and some what rustic life during their most active and needed time.


The Firefighters of the Tahoe Helitack station at White Cloud, California camp for the summer. There are tents, campers and BBQ grills, and fire pits. Granted they are busy and have very little time to make the place look like.. well home.


I am not sure how to start the movement, but I would like very much to have these men and women to have a better place to cook, a place to sit and socialize and relax when the heavy work is done, for the day.


I am looking for native plant seeds that would add some color, and not be inappropriate to have growing in a national forest. I am looking for ideas that would be little to no upkeep. During the summer I can actually do some of this upkeep as I am in the area regularly from now till about October.


I have not been able to figure out who I need to talk to there at the campground about this. I would love to some how get an outdoor kitchen created for them. But I could never afford to do that, and I am not sure how much can even be done that would survive through the winter.

I am looking for suggestions on native plants. Or ideas on how to make the wreak of a cooking station better, for little to no money.


3 thoughts on “Tahoe Helitack

  1. An easy thing to try would be to see what is growing wild and native in the area, and collect some seeds from those plants. Clear some soil, scatter the seeds during summer when the plants would naturally drop their seeds, maybe rake them in a bit, cover the area with fine screen or hardware cloth to protect the seeds until snowmelt in spring, and see if you get anything that wants to grow there for you.

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