Father Finch shows he is a Provider

If you have not been following, I have an inexpensive web camera positioned to film my bird bath on the deck.

I reviewed the footage for today, and found that the bird I believe to be a male house finch feeding another. I have thought that the 2 finches visiting were a mated pair. And that may be true, but today it seems a fledged young bird was getting his dinner at the bird bath.

I hope you enjoy the footage.

finch feeding 5-11-13

3 thoughts on “Father Finch shows he is a Provider

    • Thank you. I love being able to catch the birds ‘in the act’ so to speak. Now I need to figure out a better position, and a way to catch the humming birds at the flowers.

  1. What a great idea! It usually takes me ages looking out the window, camera in hand trying to get a picture of our birds. It really tests your patience 🙂

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